A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away . . . .

Episode IV

Where there is Once upon a time , Monkey and the crab there were .

One day , when taking a walk with two people , crab is a delicious rice ball , monkey picked up a species of persimmon . The monkey says , " I'll replace it with a rice ball " , and took the force rice ball from crab to refuse , it was Taurus threw his persimmon seeds instead .

Crab is brought back home the seeds of persimmon reluctantly , it was immediately sown the seeds of persimmon . If sing crab , quickly growing species of persimmon is steadily , was fruitful red persimmon delicious a lot .

Monkey appeared again , I'll have to take a persimmon instead of crab that does not climb trees , and say quickly climbed to the persimmon tree , and began to eat munching a delicious persimmon . The crab waiting under the tree , and hit the fruit of hard persimmon is blue , crab thanks I have become riddled body slander .

For the crab that was in bed and growling uh-huh at home , bee Don , mortar Don , Kuridon , cow dung Don , but we decided to 'll punish the monkey . They sneaked home during the monkey away , waited for the return of the monkey hiding .

When the monkey come back , play the chestnut of hearth , stab the bees flew out from the water jar , was fall over slipped in feces , can be crushed in a mortar that fell from the roof , the monkey went ran for his life .